Jangling Wind Chimes

wind chimes

Wind chimes jangle

happy tunes to hear

wind blowing slowly

pleasing to the ear


The morning sun rising

light all around

birds on the feeder

food on the ground


My soul is nourished

watching this sight

birds singing to the rhythm

wind raising its height


The jangle continues

throughout the day

nature is calling

to all by the way


There is life all around

living the new day

singing in harmony

a concert to play


The music continues

diverse sounds in the air

happiness is listening

content in my chair


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I like how wind is attributed as nature sound.. Never thought i will agree on jangling and pleasant but you again made it possible.. Gave me an idea with the same scene but wind’s fury (natures voice).. Completely opposite to your aura.. Nah.. Yours’ is far too good.. Great post..

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