Summer Music Quill : A Poem for Fun

ms gulf coast pier may 9

A sunny afternoon

music on the pier

a quill in hand

writing what I hear


The people are happy

singing with the band

a guitar is playing

on water and land


Taking life easy

on this summer afternoon

creating stories of life

while listening to some tunes


Living intentional

on this fine day

finding happiness now

having found a way


Kindness to others

enjoying this view

the water is sparkling

bringing treasures new


The music is stopped

band taking a break

my quill is writing

creating a story to take


My story is complete

band playing again

joining the people

laughing in the end


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. If this is a poem for fun, you’ll be getting a Nobel prize for “a well-thought-out poem “! You’ve raised the bar👍👍

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