A Magical World Within

Kayaking along the river

observing some rain – beaten stones

transported into another realm

feels like the twilight zone

Now dressed in a chiton

matching the sky in this place

allotted some time to explore

this unique space

Beauty surrounds me

the colors are so bright

calming music in the air

birds dance in flight

Coming near a waterfall

water sparkles in the wind

exhilarating feelings engulf me

as I fly to the end

Having no regrets

I dive deeper into a ravine

creatures exotic and friendly

wonders I have never seen

Alas, the journey ends

I am returned to where it began

pulling my kayak into port

loading it on a van

My appearance has changed

now glowing with light

excited to share with others

the realm that is hidden in plain sight

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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