The Bee Adventure

In a meadow

filled with flowers

a bee stung me

inserting a superpower

My senses intact

I used thaumaturgy to become bee

buzzing around happily

ingesting nectar from the closest tree

Flying back into the meadow

the bees were having a shindig

dancing in the flowers

birds singing for the gig

Drunk on sweet nectar

so many flowers to plunder

petals so comfortable

I fell into a deep slumber

Brought back into reality

awakened by a spring thunder storm

the bee sting is swollen and sore

my arm is quite warm

Taking an antihistamine

soon my superpower is gone

all signs of the bee sting heal

as the venom is withdrawn

Sitting on a screened porch

admiring the harmony of the bees

remembering my venture into their world

comfortable in the spring breeze

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Thanks for the inclusion Debbie. Hubby and I are quite fond of bees and have often helped a ‘tired one’ by taking it to a flower so that it can feed. Gotta look after the bees.

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