The Battle Within

Imprecations thrown by death

serenaded by the wind

hapless days of life

cascading till the end

A brigade of demons

surrounding my heart

given insight into my soul

attributed evil from the start

Searching for an inner light

soldiers for the battle

surely the demons can be expelled

as the call for survival rattled

In the midst of the storm

the battle raged

anxiety seems overwhelming

soul fully engaged

The soul grows weary

fears that it has lost

then a final surge of will

fights at all cost

Before dawn

the war is over

remains of demons are scattered

dying from exposure

The sun is rising

the dawn of a new day

victory of my soul

the light shows the way

The inner light grows stronger

able to live in the present

evil has been expelled

my soul is effervescent

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce



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