The Spring Equinox

Observing the spring equinox

amazed at the renewal of life

awakening blossoms

wind chimes sounding like fifes

In a nearby stream

glancing at a tree’s reflection

ice drops sparkle on the leaves

a quiet spring introspection

Lovely birds

pinch off small twigs

building a spring home

some are quite big

I begin to sneeze

as yellow pollen flows through the air

the cost of new life

that all of nature shares

Rain begins to sprinkle

the stream fills with foam

pollen flows into the crevices

where small flowers are grown

Nature has an appointment

with the cycle of the seasons

historic in origin

life is the reason

Meditation over

volunteering to be a part of it all

spring has come

spirit views it with awe

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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