Meditation Riding on the Wind

Meditating on a cliff

feeling kinship with the wind

its essence flowing through me

as if it were my twin

Uplifting my spirit

fostering the relationship

taking me along a path

in an invisible airship

Beginning the romance

is a gentle breeze on a sunny day

encouraging the trees to move

the flowers to sway

Continuing on the journey

joining a storm

sensing a spirit feeling worthless

attempting to transform

Building upon emotions

thunder and lightening challenge the night

the spirt is healed

going from darkness to light

Continuing to travel

we circle the Earth

intertwined and becoming one

a new birth

Now over the mountain

my spirit returns to the cliff

the wind separates from me

and continues to drift

Meditation over

spirit calm and serene

leaving the cliff

blessed for all I have seen

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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