The Blue Shell

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Walking along the beach

feeling the sting of the punishing waves

searching the dregs of shells

amidst the jellyfish in their graves

Sentimental thoughts

searching for a reason to celebrate

feeling less than loveable

on this date

Then I saw the shell

so perfect in the sand

pleased to see the blue color

radiating on the land

I was hearten to observe

the sparkles on the shell

wind swirling around it

emitting a salty smell

Perfection in chaos as the

waves began to reclaim the shell

sparkling as it tossed and turned

seemed content even in hell

Remaining intact

it made it through the storm

now floating outside the waves

as if comfort was the norm

Spirit lifted

as the sun warmed my skin

watching the shell disappear

feeling life can start again

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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