A Lunch Time Meditation

Enjoying my lunch

listening to the water flow

contemplating the spiritual realm

taking thoughts slow

Trusting my intuition

that life is not a dream

flowing like the water

implying time is a stream

Moving in a rhythm

beginning with trickling rain

slow and steady

bubbling like champagne

Drifting in a calm moment

suddenly going over a hill

life falls into the rapids

oh what a thrill

Swishing along

left and then to the right

anticipating what comes next

enough to excite

Out of the rapids

life gives us a break

an afternoon slumber

till a stone jolts us awake

Life’s rhythm

continues to circle

providing crevices and rapids to explore

another glimpse into the eternal

Meditation over

enjoying the sweet smell of a rain mist

a rainbow shines in the sun

rain drops sparkle on my face with bliss

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Your water analogy allows for …
    a) Gravity controls water.
    b) Water follows the path of least resistance.
    c) Water never apologizes.
    d) Rain allows water to come full circle.
    Hence: Perfection!

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