The Sea

Shuffling my feet in the sand

giving my condolences to the sea

debris floating everywhere

in life there are no guarantees

A storm came through

waves ripping at the land

water continued to rise

structures unable to stand

Having come on suddenly

there is much loss of life

screams of terror

so much strife

The storm ended

soon after it began

scattered pieces of a puzzle

over a wide span

Still there is life

as the survivors pick up the pieces

the sea and the sun call to them

the promise of easy life on the beaches

Time passes

the devastation is forgotten

sun, surf, and sand

how can paradise be wanton

A storm brews in the sea

ready to unleash terror

is this a metaphor for life

or is the sea clever

At the moment

the wind sends a cool breeze

not a care or a worry

smiling at a world at ease

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Water and the wind, assets are these,
    each turns, bring you to your knees.
    Waters’ damage, volume by weight,
    the winds relentless, refuse to abate.

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