Overcoming a Dark World

The entrance to the room is filled

with news paraphernalia

pessimistic views of life

the devil in full regalia

Huddled in the corner

sits a teenager struggling with fear

tears dripping down the face

answers not clear

Outside the window

a bird begins to sing

the sun is shining

it is early spring

The teenager listens

to the song

echoing sounds of encouragement

calling out to come along

Dew sparkles from the trees

rapids from the stream

sounds of people talking

it seems to be a dream

Slowly rising

following the beacon

walking into the world

entering a new season

Letting go of the fear

reaching for the spark of light

going out of the darkness

seeking a future that is bright

Embracing a community with hope

filled with nature and people

helping each other

no longer sheeple

The teenager matures

the darkness has been overcome

living an abundant life

growing in wisdom

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. The person in the poem made a conscious decision to go another way, choose a different direction, follow a different path. I am glad. This is a happy beginning.

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