Meditation on a Motley Crew

Straight out of a horror movie

I faced the motley crew

a mixture of old and new ideas

what to do

Some wore corsets

prim and proper

rigid and unrelenting

a real show stopper

Others living carefree

flowing with the wind

now wanting to climb a corporate ladder

only smiles and grins

Personalities clash

among this tight knit group

neither side wavering

as each attempts a coup

Wishing to escape

and create my own way

I imagine an eagle comes

picks me up and saves the day

A quaint cabin

along the river bin

spruce trees and wildlife

are now my friends

Meditation over

enjoying all of nature’s sounds and smells

life is beautiful

where contentment dwells

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. It seems you have run into the proverbial brick wall, and are in need of a control-alt-delete to reset and begin anew… Happy Flight!

    • Ah yes, the proverbial brick wall that is difficult to break down or jump over. Flying over it and beginning anew is an easier course and ultimately more fun. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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