The Glowing Orb

Walking around in a circle

searching for a bend in the road

I heard a strange sound

followed by a bright light that glowed

By the road

there is a curve

walking quickly toward the light

before losing my nerve

As a reasonable precaution

I took out my snikersnee

the light growing brighter

as I closed in on the periphery

My eyes grew wide

as I examined the fiery orb

it had a life of its own

hard to ignore

Exuding a homey feeling

pulling me in

the veil between worlds

became incredibly thin

Seeing all that came before

and everything till time’s end

an incredible future ahead of me

difficult to comprehend

Time to return

the light began to fade

sending me back to the circle

where the present is being played

So much to experience

with happiness I walk in the sun

a glimpse into the possibilities

life to be spun

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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