The Spider Web

Cast in the morning dew

knitted to perfection

in an intricate design

making a spiritual connection

Dropping to a crevice

waiting for prey

the spider blends so well

on this sunny day

Beautiful artwork

seems so sad to break

blocking the path

location a mistake

Splitting the web

taking away the spider’s meal

silks flowing in the wind

a bad deal

The spider unfazed

begins spinning again

this time away from the path

with wiser zen

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


      • That’s always a good thing. Keep playing with it. It really looks and feels great, and that voiceover that helps people with bad vision or dyslexia does seem helpful. I mean, it broadens your audience and reaches more people who enjoy poems.

      • Thank you. I will keep playing with it. I am happy that the voiceover helps people. I have been a little concerned that my southern accent may be hard to understand. My voice seems to have a drawl to it. Thank you for your kind words. Please take care. Have a wonderful day!

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