The Portal

Walking along the path

vanishing in a portal within the trees

the controlled circuits of my brain

led my senses to ease

A beautiful paradise

filled with the greatest and the least

colorful and calm

each step caused my senses to increase

Discounting the possibility

that this place is a dream

I picked a fresh apple

slicing it at the seam

Juicy and delicious

perfect in every way

relishing the taste

beginning to sway

Rising after

being picked up by the wind

riding a cloud

perfection to the end

Portal opens

back to where the adventure began

complete peace and harmony

in the homeland

Resuming my walk

whistling as I go along

such joy in my heart

filled with a new song

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. I ate an apple, not an hour earlier. The events of the rest of your story elude me. Seriously, I cannot even whistle.

    Thanks for taking me along on your journey.

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