If Leaves Could Talk

Crunching the leaves

on my morning walk

wondering what they would say

if leaves could talk

Perhaps about the origins

of the earth

was it chaos

or perhaps mirth

The leaves could discuss

the invention of time

how seasons were formed

were they meant to rhyme

Or perhaps something not so deep

like how humans dance

interesting but not as graceful

as when the deer prance

Lastly the leaves could discuss

the intrigue of love

how it affects the heart

and other gifts from above

Leaves growing silent

as the moon rises in the sky

resting under the stars

with a whisper of good nigh

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. We have oaks trees where we live. We do not take them or mow them. They have all Winter to do their thing, whatever comes naturally… A good part of that activity is rustling. As such, they make a racket.

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