Contemplating What If

The demur young woman

was sitting on a cliff

her eyes were inscrutable

her lips loosely muttered what if

Contemplating her life

motivated to be free

actions to be taken

miraculous things to see

To experience love

to let go of her ego

let others in her heart

true feelings to show

To ride the wind

filling life with laughter

let go of all pain

believe in a hereafter

To become a drop of water

experience it in all forms

from the cold glaciers

to the tropical waters that are warm

A smile appears on her face

the adventures become clear

dancing and singing

embracing a new frontier

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. From what we receive to that which we endow
    It is a natural progression from a whim to a vow.
    As stage curtains close following a final bow,
    all left of the question what if, is what now.

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