A Rapid Adventure

Kayaking on the river

squinting from the glare of the sun

feeling disoriented

an exciting experience begun

Bouncing off the rapids

a blinding light appears

causing the kayak to sway

hitting a large rock as it veers

Water fills the kayak

not knowing what to think

grabbing the oar with my dominant hand

in an attempt not to sink

Freeing my kayak

continuing down the rapids

water sloshing outward

I quickly adapted

Paddling through the river

to a calm stream

pulling into an inlet

body out of steam

Pouring out the remaining water

at the bottom are some fish

building a camp fire

for a delightful dish

Resting on the bank

listening to the crickets sing

content and peaceful

now drifting into a dream

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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