An Odorous Encounter

Laying on a blanket

feeling warmth on my skin

surrounded by flowers

flowing in a slow wind

Relaxed and content

suddenly there is an odor

a peculiar perfume

seemingly over my right shoulder

It’s questionable

whether the smell is from a flower

seems a bit bitter

and having somewhat of a power

I postulated probably an animal

spooked by ghost

appearing as a shadow

difficult to diagnose

Odor getting stronger

as a pernicious skunk appears

running over my blanket

filled with fear

Escaping into the flowers

now drenched in his spray

eyes and skin burning

like from a laser ray

Grabbing cold water from my cooler

dousing my body and head

the smell is putrid

like the decaying dead

Standing up

searching for clean air

misting rain begins to fall

answer to my prayer

Wind and rain cleansing the meadow

as I pick up my things

walking toward home

with an odor that clings

Cleansing myself and belongings

holding no malice toward the skunk

hoping next time in the meadow

I will have better luck

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Ten stanzas; twenty couplets; forty lines, 250 syllables… This lingers… Hey, it is funny, when it happens to someone else. I have never been skunked, but I have been sprayed by a mink, and it is almost as debilitating, and embarrassing when one has to undress on the back porch and sprint to the showers, knowing his favorite blue jeans and tee shirt are about to be burned at the stake… I have skunks in my neighborhood. I will be watching out, especially hard, over the coming days. I do not want this to happen to me. I don’t want to be skunked.

    • I agree. It is funny when happening to someone else. Animals have such unique ways of protecting themselves. Thanks for sharing about the mink. Life can be so entertaining at times. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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