The Rain Drop

The new year has begun

the espousal of living with nature

a solo adventure

from streams to a glacier

Searching the forest

being quite reserved

looking for a measly stream

to walk by and observe

Following a stream

as it begins with a trickle

flowing through the rocks

my feet can feel a tickle

Now it flows into a lake

feeding all that it surrounds

there is a waterfall near

making thunderous sounds

Into the mountains

the air is cold

looking down at a river

there is blue ice from old

Floating farther north

glaciers have formed

at the top of the world

this is the norm

Reflecting with awe

the streams and glaciers began with a drop

beautiful rain falling from the sky

feeding life nonstop

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Ever since The Great Flood, water has been taking the path of least resistance, gravity driven. To follow the path, and observe, is fascinating, but requires imagination. Your poem reads as though you were overhead, witnessing the entire trek.

    • I agree. Water does take the path of least resistance and creates along the way. I am fascinated with water and how it flows. Such beauty and power. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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