A Sheep’s Life

Across the land

a spring breeze begins to blow

wildflowers sprouting up

giving the landscape a colorful glow

An impavid sheep

seeks a vestige treat

another sheep opposes him

giving a warning bleat

Each sheep runs

eager to win the prize

the sun is glaring

causing blindness in the eyes

The prize is close to a ravine

one sheep miscalculates a step

splashing into the water

fortunately a shallow depth

The other sheep

gathers the prize

finding a place alone

thinking he is wise

The sheep in the ravine

bleats for the shepherd to come

he is saved

feeling foolish for what he has done

The impavid sheep

eating the prize alone

spies a bear

close to where he roams

The bear approaches

the sheep drops his treat

calling for the shepherd

with a desperate bleat

The shepherd gathers him

making it safely back

sheep realizing now

courage he lacked

The treat was worth it

the sheep would risk it again

knowing the shepherd will protect

him through thick and thin

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce






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