A Fiery Decision

Through the fire

it is a queer view

an exciting adventure

that is affordable and new

Cleansing is occurring

the pain is gray

promise of a new beginning

renewal is underway

Calling to me

quit clinging to the past

walk through the fire

live life with a blast

Fear overcame me

a shiver in my spine

give up the comfortable

leave my lifeline

Getting closer

can feel the heat

just one more step

then make the leap

Is this a mistake

leaving the comfort of the old

what if the fire is an illusion

the end to a story told

Closing my eyes

taking the leap

into another world

feeling my heart beat

Beauty surrounds me

there is such peace

being welcomed by others

triumph not defeat

A wonderous beginning

new stories to be told

all baggage is gone

joy to behold

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





  1. I had to read and read again to try and find a favourite part or words. I usually include the parts I find appealing in my comments. Sorry I can’t do it this time as I love all of it!!!
    Thanks for joining in Debbie 🙂 🙂

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