The Static Squirrel

A garden table

surrounded by red flowers

sits a squirrel

he is not a coward

A recent rain

has caused static electricity

each raindrop is charged

unique in its simplicity

On the table

static electricity flows

a squirrel’s hair stands upright

his determination grows

The hilarious site continues

as the squirrel grabs for the bowl

the shock continues

as he searches for a hole

Booty gathered

a tunnel is near

his cheeks are full

some on the ears

Recovering from the shock

therefore unable to play

he runs through the tunnel

seeking safety for the day

High in a tree

safe in his nest

stomach is now full

eyes closed as he rests

Waking up

willing to do it again

prize is worth the shock

smiling with a grin

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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