An Experiment

Sitting high upon the rock

the mighty lion roared

it was time to confer a title

he was so adored

The animals waited

as a hippopotamus appeared

stepping forward brandishing his teeth

the lion showed no fear

On this birthday

the hippo joined the pack

having fought with the lion in battle

together they had won the attack

The day has come

spoke the lion

the kingdom will live in peace

there will be no denying

The title of prince

was spread across the land

no one crossed the hippo

his reign was quite grand

The lion

retired to his den

there was a great celebration

the treaty a win

After the lion and hippo died

each species broke the peace

carnage is everywhere

each member had a feast

The land is dark

evil is everywhere

the battle continues

no life is spared

Another day is coming

peace will have another try

when the darkness has lifted

and the sun is in the sky

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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