OctPoWriMo Prompts: Dark Night of the Soul – October 1

ms college bell tower march

As the bell tolled 

my spirit sank

my soul mate is gone

I have death to thank


The night is long

the moon continues to shine

ghostly images in the trees

branches holding shroud twine


The rain begins to fall

more darkness in my soul

how will I survive

will my soul grow cold


Lightening now

thunder with the wind

making the bell toll

when will it end


Months have passed

there is a small light

dim at first

will it shine bright


My love speaks to me

signs that he is near

showing beauty in the seasons

there is nothing to fear


The time will come

we will be together again

love only grows stronger

light shining from within


The bell tolls

darkness begins to flee

by God’s grace

our entwined souls are free


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce