fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-34/A Natural Event



The world for humans ended long ago. The volcano erupted causing food and water to go away slow. Time healed the Earth as the sun was allowed back in. Plants and animals in hiding came back thin.

Resources became abundant without the help of man. The old building provided materials and new life for the place. The cisterns were filled water from the rain. Tiny fish began to fill the drain.

Plants grew covering the walls. There were flowers and animals in the hall. New communities formed as the animals claimed their space. Storms reshaped the soil as new rivers began to race.

Walls began to fall as the trees began to grow. Soon there was a waterfall where air vents used to flow. The sun continued to shine where there once was a roof. Life was now abundant where there was only soot.

One day in a small crevice humanity reappeared. A group of nomads came from a place that had disappeared. Seeing the beauty and abundance in this new place, the humans began to build at a rapid pace.

As the years pass the buildings begin to decay. The humans have moved on as is their way. Another catastrophe happens and it all begins again.

Does history continue to repeat itself and does the environment ever win?


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


image is from  Michael Gaida at


  1. This picture inspired images of a post-apocalyptic/dystopian world in a lot of us. Humans will continue to destroy, but I am of the opinion that we are no match for nature.

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