Love Never Dies

cypress swamp from left side march 31

Walking down the bridge

I feel you by my side

the wind in my hair

like a natural high


Though I am alone

you are in the trees and sky

your love is everywhere

embracing me from up high


A smooth reflection

wind whispering in the trees

your warm presence

a comfort to me


Time has passed

since you were here

called to Heaven above

you are still near


Love never dies

it continues to live

encouraging me to go on

your spirit continues to give


Crossing this bridge

am never alone

admiring the beauty

till I am called home


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


  1. Wonderful poem. To read of love that continues after death is so awesome. The picture of the bridge reminds me that you cannot fully enjoy the journey through the forest and all that God has for you to see and experience, if you don’t outrageously cross the bridge. Beautiful and inspiring words today. Thank you.

  2. A beautiful poem Debbie, may this new year bring you many blessings 💜

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