Halloween Horror: Nightmare

rocky spring cemetery april 28


This is a different type of story than what I usually write. After having read some horror stories I thought it would be fun to try and write one. This is a one time story and I will return to my normal writing style. If you do not like horror please do not read this story. Have a wonderful day! Happy Halloween!





Halloween Horror Story


The night is dark and the moon is full. The wind blows through the trees making each branch appear as if possessed by an angry spirit. Getting ready for bed there is a feeling of deep anxiety. Would the dream repeat itself again as it had each month on this date. The dream is always the same without resolution.

My grandfather calls to me within the depths of my soul. Waking in the small bedroom in the back of the house the darkness is stifling. Outside the window the wind howls and tree branches hit the window causing a screeching sound. Goosebumps appear on my arms as IĀ  walk through the house. There is a low deep voice beckoning me through the kitchen to the side door out to the garage. Suddenly a skeleton jumps out of the floor in front of me. A silent scream comes out of my mouth as my running legs carry me into the back yard. Another skeleton jumps out in front of me as a tree limb attempts to grab me. My gown is torn as I struggle to become free. Sweat rolling down my red cheeks and tears sting my eyes as I continue to run. The howling wind now contains rain from the thunderstorm. My soul is tormented as the lightening strikes near the newly dug grave of my grandfather. He is calling and begging me to release him from the eternal hole.

The hole is continuous and there is no light. Feeling light headed the energy from the hole draws me in. Continuously falling searching for the lost soul of my grandfather there is no end in sight. Coldness reigns as the rain pelts down on my tender skin being scratched by the roots sticking out. I am screaming for forgiveness and redemption. The dream ends with me in my bed waking in terror.

This dream was continuous for many years. This Halloween horror finally ended after the death of my grandmother. Resolution of the dream is up in the air. Forgiveness and redemption or Fire and Hell? Only time will tell.


Happy Halloween!


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce



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