Spoof, Integrated, and Cursory: A Duckling’s Game

geese drinking water in strawberry park april 24


The small duckling looked around

his family not found

seeing a mother goose

to a game he became bound


He spoofed the goose

integrated into her nest

everything going well

it was a good place to rest


Time to get up

the mother goose called

goslings and the duckling fell in line

each having a ball


Leaving the nest

closer to the water they came

each got in

the duckling thought it was a wonderful game


His mother spotted him

calling his name

with cursory speed she swam

quacking he should be ashamed


The mothers met 

not amused by his spoof

each gave a lecture

expressions of reproof


The duckling swam home

he quacked with fake shame

climbed into the nest

having enjoyed his game


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce







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