Insight: Life of a Coastal Bird

coastal bird ms gulf coast may 9


Little coastal bird

dressed to a tee

give me some insight

into a world foreign to me


Little bird speaks 

scooping a bug in his wing like hand

the world is filled with wonder

especially surrounded by sand


So many treasures

come in with each wave

some with delicious food

others sounding like an airwave


Running around

exercising with the wind

chasing small fish 

hoping to seize them at the end


Flying now

joining others in the sky

enjoying the clouds

occasionally coming down to dive


The world of a bird

special to all who observe

enjoying the journey

and the opportunity to serve


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce






  1. We can learn so much from the birds and nature, like swans who mate for life or eagles who fly in formation in ways that help them al be successful. Boy if we could just learn how to love each other rather than all these profanity-laced social media post.

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