Congregate: Early Spring Ensemble


The early ensemble

congregated to let everything know

spring is coming

this is the last winter show


First came the bulbs

rearing their colorful heads

many bright colors

taking over winter’s dread


Next came the buds

upon the fruit trees

mixture of colorful blooms

now with a few leaves


The small weeds 

began to flower

blowing seeds in the wind

like a rain shower


Now the bees have arrived

 humming a song

inviting everyone to listen

time till spring is not long


The morning sun

is shining bright

my spirit is soaring

with the coming of spring’s light


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Beautiful use of the use of the wordprompt! I’m watching the setting sun; the aqua sky darkening before my eyes, the disappearing orb taking the last of the day’s temperatures with it. An icy night awaits …..

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