An Athletic Deer

deer in colorado park

Small brown deer

wandering through the park

so athletic

after running in the dark


He stops for a moment

searching for a friendly hand

spotting  dropped food

scattered throughout the land


Showing much grace

while wiggling his ears

swishing of the tail

as he draws near


Photographs are taken

by quiet observers unseen

making his way to the table

a feast to be gleaned


Eating a small morsel

a child begins to cry

startled and running

he leaps into the sky


Over the fence

beautiful form in his jump

leaping to safety

not even a thump


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. I had thoughts of posting about a deer as well. I was able to take some video of a white tailed fawn running in a field a few weeks ago and the athletic tag made me think of it too.

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