Turtle Enjoying a Casual Summer

turtle sunning strawberry patch park april 24

Turtle sitting on a log

relaxing in the summer sun

never worrying about life

just about having fun


Summer is here

the sky is blue

life’s issues have gone away

the day is new


The sun is warm

on this summer day

cool breezes blow

taking stress away


His soul is at peace

dreams are coming true

letting go of anxiety

giving up feeling blue


Summer is here

time to take a break

nourishing the soul

taking time to meditate


Life is full

we are blessed

able to take time off

away from stress


Enjoy time with family

smiles and laughter with friends

show kindness to all

before this summer ends


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. You too enjoy time with friends and family.. And that turtle pic. Is good.. Great post.. Have a nice weekend..

      • They are interesting. My husband and I hiked around a small lake last weekend and enjoyed standing on a bridge watching a large red-eared slider swimming around in the water below us. I love to watch them bask and how they stretch out their neck and back legs.

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