Casual Bike Ride


A casual bike ride

down a winding road

wind on my face

a cool overflow


Time to meditate

what does it mean

so much nature

in this beautiful scene


Life continues to flow

making the way to the top

summer beauty in the air

never seems to stop


The mountain top

above the tree line

snow is falling

in a design


The seasons change suddenly

on the mountain top

life passes quickly

no time to stop


Riding down the mountain

it’s summer again

everything is alive

joy from within


Meditation is over

my bike is slowing down

taking in the fresh air

joy in the scenery around


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I too love to ride a bike. But you can’t in the city.. Not too many places.. This post ignited a desire in me to ride my bike again.. Great post.. Take care..

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