Afternoon in a Cafe

blue bicycle clinton

Midafternoon in a cafe

eating a substandard dessert

watching all the people

escaping a heat alert


People enjoying the afternoon

waiting for the band

diverse conversations

from across the land


Sharing an adventure

in this sunny cafe

the band is playing

local music on this day


Stories of this town

weaved in a tune

sharing the culture

on this afternoon


An afternoon rain shower

after the second set

people crowd inside

trying not to get wet


Listening to the people

learning how they live

happiness and sadness is shared

as people learn to give


The sun is set

time to leave this place

my soul is nourished

with God’s grace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Today’s prompt was difficult. Hmm.
    Substandard desert.. Oh well at least the environment was good(inside I mean).. Great post…

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