Moving in Life

apple bloom 2 april 14

The flower petals

fell from the tree

its leaves plucked

growing fruit for me


Moving forward through life

growing like its meant to be

living life fully

nourished by the tree


Our lives move forward

learning as we mature

tackling life’s adventures

feeling alive and sure


No matter where we go

God leads us along the way

giving us grace

answers when we pray


Life is an adventure

as we journey ahead

loving one another

each day we are led


Enjoying each day

time moving fast

kindness in all adventures

it may be our last


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. I thought the last line will be.. Sand slowly filling the hour glass.. It is the first time from when i started reading your post that you blatantly mention death.. Hmm.. Makes me wonder? Great post by the way..

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