Morning River

sun on river mountain 1

Beautiful river plucked

from  place and time

reflecting the morning sun

meditation in the daytime


Our spirits are called

we reflect upon the day

observing all of nature

in a creative way


Some people paint

others compose a song

contemplating life

no way is wrong


The river surrounds us

we can canoe or fish

providing an adventure

however we wish


Our souls are nourished

in this grand place

God provides pleasure

a reflection of His grace


Taking care of this river

a task for you and me

protecting it’s beauty

for all to see


My soul is renewed

as I leave this place

meditation is done

feeling God’s grace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. Contemplate Life, no way is wrong.. You truly believe that don’t you.. Well it’s nice that there are people like you who only see good things in others..

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