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The Expedition

The expedition began

with the teasing rays of the sun

challenging my dexterity

on the river run

Gently paddling

the cool mist on my face

almost to the falls

my heart starts to race

The filtering sun

casts light in the strait

excitement builds

what will be my fate

Over the falls

an adrenaline rush

flying through the falls

a continuous water gush

Paddling through the rapids

each movement a thrill

only lasting a few minutes

before reaching the bottom of the hill

In the heat of the moment

a victorious shout

not paying attention

barely dodging a wipe out

Floating down the river

now at ease

observing life around me

enjoying the gentle breeze

Smaller rapids ahead

the end of the day

easily passing through them

pulling into the bay

Sun setting

the moon begins to rise

the crickets lull me to sleep

as I close my eyes

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

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A Summer Day Hiking Dream

Sun beating down

a hot summer day

longing for cool comfort

along the trail way


Suddenly I hear

while turning  around

a trickling noise

then a roaring sound


Following the path

a cool mist on my face

relief from the heat

I quicken my pace


Allowing my feet to dangle

in the pleasure of the rapid

another world appears

which mystical creatures inhabit


A chameleon appears

changing colors in the rainbow

finding food on a rock

his pace is quite slow


Down a bit further

a fish jumps along the bank

performing acrobatics

his movements are swank


A duck appears

bathing in the mist

diving and shaking his wings

doing the twist


Back to the real world

refreshed from the rapid stream

thankful for the inhabitants

of a summer day dream


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



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An Adventure in the Grand Canyon

DocFile (2)

I love the early mornings in the Grand Canyon. The air is crisp and cool as the sun begins to rise. Looking from the overlook you can see the bright orange and purple colors across the canyon. There is still a bit a snow on the ground in the surrounding campsite. There are a few tents that the snow surrounds like a warm blanket.

After admiring the beauty of the sunrise for a few more minutes I take the path back to the campground. There is a variety of wildlife awake at this hour scurrying around in the surrounding trees. A rabbit darts in front of me and watches as I jump at the sudden movement.

Everyone is up and ready to take on the day as I return to the campsite. The cooking bacon and eggs have a wonderful aroma that fills the site. Food seems to taste better when eaten in nature. Our senses are more in tune to the simple pleasures of life.

After breakfast it is time for the mule ride down the canyon. There is a winding trail that is steep and narrow that the mules maneuver each day. It promises to be an exciting adventure.

Our ride begins with everyone on their mules following the directions of the mule skinner. He leads us down the canyon with the mules following him. Mules are interesting animals. They are like horses and are very precise on the trail and surefooted.

Looking across the canyon as we ride down is the most beautiful view. You can see miles of canyon with red, orange, and blue hues across the rocks. The birds are majestic as they fly across the clear blue sky. It is an ecosystem of freedom for the wildlife that inhabit this canyon.

It is difficult for me to look down to the bottom of the canyon. I am afraid of heights and it is a long way to the bottom. Still overcoming a fear is part of the reason for this adventure. Taking a deep breath I glance down to the bottom of the canyon.

There is much beauty at the bottom of the canyon. There is a slow-moving river bed that is surrounded by a large bank with trees and rocks. This is where we will stop for a break before returning to the top of the canyon. The ecosystem of the canyon is serene and tranquil.

I am briefly startled as my mule has decided to pee and shifts his weight a bit. Nervous that the mule may drop me down the canyon I freeze. The mule is unfazed and steadily continues down the canyon.

We reach the bottom of the canyon and find a spot on the edge of the river bed. The water is cold and feels refreshing in the midmorning heat. The bottom of the canyon is significantly warmer than the place where we began this adventure.

DocFile (1)

After about half an hour we resume our ride back up the canyon. Going up the canyon has an entirely different view than coming down. The colors of the canyon appear to be deeper in the sun. It is as if God has sent artists to paint wonderful colors on the canyon.

I listen for the sounds of the canyon as we continue the trek up. There is the sound of birds singing in the brush. Small animals are scurrying through the brush creating a rustling noise. The mules snort as they climb the canyon. It is a peaceful experience.

DocFile (4)

Finally we reach the end of our journey and it is time to leave the mules. This particular adventure has a certificate that accompanies it. It is given to everyone that completes the adventure.

We reach the campsite and decide to rest until time to cook dinner. My legs and backside ache from riding the mule. The aches and pains are worth the wonderful adventure of riding the mules.

I make a final hike for the day to the rim of the canyon. The sun is beginning to set presenting a new set of colors. The canyon is now the backdrop to the rich orange and pink colors in the sky. The night air is crisp and cool with a hint of rain in the air.

DocFile (6)

Returning to the camp dinner is ready and the fire is warm. We eat and tell the stories of today’s adventure. Someone pulls out a guitar and begins creating a tune to tell the story of the mule ride. It is a grand tale.

As I drift off to sleep in the tent my dreams float to the place of gratitude. It is wonderful to be alive and my soul is nourished.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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Assimilate: A Rapid Ride


Rushing through the river

with a big smile

assimilating with the rapids

having gone a mile


Oh such power

taking it all in

such exhilaration

combination of water and wind


A waterfall is near

can hear the rushing sound

being part of all of this

makes my heart bound


Over the falls

such a rush

totally consumed in rapids

water making a fuss


Calmer now

the ride is almost over

storm brewing on the horizon

time to take cover


Assimilating into nature

fun to heed the call

feeling power within me

wanting to take it all


Time to call it day

rain is coming down

quietly meditating

on the way to town


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Spring: Morning on the Bayou


Across the horizon

a new day begins

nature joyfully singing

the fog is thin


Kayaking along the bay

a fish jumps high

thrashing around

with others nearby


Squirrels in the trees

leaving a nest

jumping around

running without rest


Sea gulls in the air

playing aerial games

enjoying the wind

no manuever is the same


Calmness abound

renewal of the soul

sun sparkles on the water

new tales to be told


Stopping now

time to grab a bite

feeling blessed this morning

everything is just right


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Abundant and Mean: Floating Down the River

pelahatchie bay river 1 april 12

Floating down the river

abundance everywhere

meditating on gratitude

life is not bare


Shore filled with wildlife

squirrels playing in the trees

birds singing loudly

voices carried in the breeze


Messages conveyed

from the water to the land

after a summer shower

a beautiful rainbow band


Floating down further

observing the clouds in the sky

moving gracefully

no worries about why


My spirit is at peace

on a relaxing afternoon

content with life’s meaning

watching nature bloom


Sun is setting

time to end the day

 lulled into sleep

by sounds of branches sway


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce




camping culture daily prompt environment happiness hiking inspiration intentional living life lifestyles nature poetry preservation river spiritual story telling

Narcissism: A River in Nature

waterfall structure

Majestic power and beauty

narcissism at its best

the river flows down

not having time to rest


Carving out canyons

power over all it surrounds

colorful valleys and gorges

continuous shaping abound


Powering towns with energy

from mighty falls

in the form of electricity

never taking it all


Destruction comes

when the river leaves its banks

levees powerless to stop the water

run over like a tank


Such power

hard to be managed

narcissistic in its beauty

can cause such damage


Beautiful river

observing with awe

a living entity

following nature’s law


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce



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Tantrum: A River Ride



Water violently flowing

having a tantrum in the hills

rushing and bubbling

riding through it a thrill


Through the curves

down a water fall

adrenaline through my veins

an adventure for all


Mighty in its force

trying to turn me over

bumping against the sides

there is no cover


Logs pass by

caught up in the storm

such power and energy

it is the norm


Around the corner

the adventure ends

the river rests

till the next descend


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Partake: An Egret on a Summer Day

white egret pelahatchie bay april 12

The egret partakes

in the beauty of the day

he and his shadow searching

for food and comfort along the way


What thoughts does he have

strutting along the shore

only thoughts of survival

or is there more


The coolness of the water

in the hot summer sun

joining other creatures

some are on the run


A brief moment in time

he partakes in a fish

enjoying each morsel

it is a tasty dish


Moving on

one final glance

his reflection is moving

to the rhythm of the river dance


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Froth: Walking Along the River Bank


Walking along the falls

frothy water everywhere

power within the banks

a mist in the air


Rushing water

an adventurer’s thrill

beginning at the top

going downhill


The water has power

to carve away stone

an artistic canvas

the result unknown


Power to create energy

to heat and cool homes around

a natural environment

recycling is unbound


The frothy water

provides food for a bear

reaching for jumping fish

swimming if he dares


The froth in the water

a beautiful sight to see

quickly creating rapids

a thrill for me


Meditation over

walking around the river bend

observing calm waters

serenity in the end


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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