The Expedition

The expedition began

with the teasing rays of the sun

challenging my dexterity

on the river run

Gently paddling

the cool mist on my face

almost to the falls

my heart starts to race

The filtering sun

casts light in the strait

excitement builds

what will be my fate

Over the falls

an adrenaline rush

flying through the falls

a continuous water gush

Paddling through the rapids

each movement a thrill

only lasting a few minutes

before reaching the bottom of the hill

In the heat of the moment

a victorious shout

not paying attention

barely dodging a wipe out

Floating down the river

now at ease

observing life around me

enjoying the gentle breeze

Smaller rapids ahead

the end of the day

easily passing through them

pulling into the bay

Sun setting

the moon begins to rise

the crickets lull me to sleep

as I close my eyes

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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