Scampering Squirrels

squirrel eating grass in park march


Small gray squirrels

scampering across the land

chasing each other having fun

marching like a band


Not worrying about today

gathering nuts along the way

playing in the community

laughing through the day


Climbing to his nest

high in the trees

resting in the summer sun

God providing for all his needs


It’s beginning to rain

a storm is near

trust in God

there is no need to fear


The storm is over

the sky is clear

scampering down the tree

his friends reappear


Playing again

they begin to scurry

living life fully

without any worry


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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    • Hi. Thanks for sharing. No but that sounds like a fun thing to observe. I think that the squirrel deserves the pizza if he can get the slice up the tree. Thanks for reading.

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