The Woodpecker

woodpecker on a fence 2 april 23

Red headed woodpecker

drawn to the trees

seeking food and shelter

that God provides for thee


Providing beautiful color

magnetic in flight

pecking on the trees

in the morning sunlight


Always standing tall

on trees and fence posts

observing the world around

taking mental notes


My soul is refreshed

observing the life he leads

never worrying about life issues

or even his needs


God provides for us

there is no need to worry

living in abundance

without having to hurry


My soul is nourished

praying each day

trusting that God 

will provide the way


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I love woodpeckers. I think they are majestic and beautiful. However, my sister has wooden siding on her house. She is not very impressed to hear them drilling away at her siding looking for insects. She still likes the way they look as long as they are somewhere else.

    • Thanks for sharing. Woodpeckers will also peck on gutters and vinyl siding. I agree that it is better to watch them in a park away from people’s homes. Thanks for reading.

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