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Healing From Within

Grand Canyon Survive

There is a puncture in the canyon

a hole for all to see

showing parts of the sky

beauty for you and me


The canyon is like our hearts

with holes from life’s struggles

times can be difficult

when we juggle


God heals us

when we lean on Him

comfort and healing

comes from within


The puncture closes up

when we love one another

communities helping

to heal each other


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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The American Flag: A Symbol of Opportunity

american flag may 5

Flag day is an important day in my household. We honor the American flag and reflect upon how it symbolizes aspects of our lives. I come from a military family that has faithfully served this country for over a century.

There is an American flag that sits in a shadow box on the mantle above the fireplace. It has been lovingly stored there for many years. It was a gift to my father many years ago and he placed it this box . It stood as a symbol of the life he lived and the gratitude felt for being allowed to live in this country.

The flag was special because it had been flown above the United States Capital in Washington, DC. These flags may be obtained through writing your congressman and paying a small fee. It is a privilege to have one of these American flags.

This country was founded on the principle of freedom. In the beginning that freedom appeared to be limited to a few men. After many years of war and various movements freedom is now available to the people of this country. There are still obstacles to be overcome but there is still freedom underneath this flag.

As a family we celebrate the freedom this country allows through the display of the American flag. It is a reminder to my family that the life we enjoy came from the sacrifice of many individuals. They are to be honored and not forgotten.

Struggle for freedom comes in many forms. There are people in this country trapped in economic hardship that seems impossible to overcome. To these people the struggle is real and for many it seems that there is no hope.

America is the land of opportunity. God has blessed this land and her people with natural resources and the freedom to start over repeatedly. This is a country where each day is a new beginning. Economic hardship can become a struggle of the past.

The American flag is a symbol of that opportunity and freedom. Immigrants have long come to this country searching for a better life. When they see the flag it is a reminder of that hope.

In the late 1800’s my grandparent’s immigrated to this country to escape famine. The few family members that remained alive boarded a boat to America. Having heard that there was opportunity and farm land in Mississippi they immediately migrated south. There was hope for the first time in many years.

The family worked on various farms as they made their way to Mississippi. The labor was difficult and they saved money from each meager check. My great-grandfather was a vet and was able to make extra money tending to sick livestock.

Finally arriving in Mississippi the family bought a small farm. They raised their own food and soon life began to improve. The children were expected to seek out opportunity and work hard. Each generation increased a little farther on the economic ladder.

Soon many years passed and the world was in the midst of World War 1. The sons of the family in Mississippi were drafted and fought in a foreign land. Each time the American flag  was flown it reminded them of home. Seeing such destruction in countries at war made them appreciate the blessings of this land.

The next generation faced the Great Depression. The family barely made ends meet and times were extremely difficult. The American flag was a reminder that this country still offered opportunity and the blessings of the essentials of life. The depression extended around the world and the family was grateful for the opportunities in this country.

There were several wars in the following years. Each generation of this family served with pride to protect this great country. The American flag stood as a symbol to them of perseverance. They were proud to live in this country.

My father had a dual career as an engineer in the army and as a civilian. He dedicated his life to the principles upon which this country was founded. The American flag flew proudly in each of his homes. He taught his children the importance of patriotism and hard work.

The American flag flies outside my home today. As with all previous generations there is still struggle in this country. Adversity will always be a part of our lives but we are blessed to live in a country with the opportunity to overcome issues. Each failure may be turned into a success. The American flag is proudly flown as a symbol of that opportunity.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce







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Pink Flamingo on a Summer Mission

flamingo bicycle clinton

Pink flamingo on a bike

riding along the road

sun glasses shining

chilling without a load


The day is warm

summer is here

greeting all people

who are near


God gave him a yellow bike

to enjoy the summer

spreading kindness to all

including the newcomer


He spreads joy

throughout the land

passing cafes

listening to the bands


The pink flamingo rides the streets

enjoying the view

spreading happiness and cheer

every summer day is new


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Skipper’s Tall Tales: Beach Vacation


The sun is shining brightly on the beach this morning. I notice the sparkling on the sand as Piper takes me for a walk down the beach. We are on vacation and Piper is humming as the waves splash across our feet.

I take notice of some dolphins swimming in the surf not far from us. They are so close with their fins dancing on top of the waves as we pass by. I decide to go and join in the fun with them. Quickly catching the wind my ears begin to flap and I fly to the spot where the dolphins are swimming.

Taking a dive into the water I was able to spring onto the back of the dolphin as he was coming out of the water. The dolphin was shocked when he saw me and began to go faster in the water. Jumping up out of the water trying to shake me off it felt like I was riding a bull in a rodeo.

Faster we went through the waves until the other dolphins decided to join in the fun. I used my leash to maneuver the dolphin until the other dolphins jumped over us and caused me to fall. My ears quickly caught the wind and I flew through the air back to the beach where Piper was waiting. She was laughing at my antics and sat down on the sand as I landed near her.

Our walk continued until it was time for lunch. We stopped at a beach side café and found a spot in the shade. The band was playing fun beach music as I listened contently by the picnic table. Piper bought me a snack. I ate the food and was almost asleep when suddenly the aroma of apple pie caught my attention.

Apple pie is my favorite dish. From times past this pie has gotten me into trouble. This time the apple pie was sitting next to the drummer in the band. Piper was talking to some people around us and did not notice me slowly inching up to the stage next to the apple pie.

I jumped for the pie and did a somersault over the bass player . It was time for the drum solo as I pounced on the drums and kept the beat of the music. The apple pie was in site as the solo ended. I quickly jumped again and grabbed the pie before hitting the ground. The drummer was amazed at how well I did his solo and was not angry that his pie was now gone. I love summer vacations.

Piper said it was time to go and rest. We left the beach side café and headed toward the beach house. The sun was hot and muggy with an afternoon thunderstorm approaching. Piper took a nap as I listened to the rumbling thunder and watched the lightening strikes in the distance. It was a pleasant time to sleep with the lullaby of the falling rain. I tapered down to a wonderful dream.

Late in the afternoon after the thunderstorm Piper took me back to the beach for some surfing. My bright yellow surf board was easy to ride in the waves that were still high. Piper took her blue board and headed out to the spot where it was easy to catch the waves.

I decided to go a little farther out to wait on a few larger waves. Sitting on the board the current slowly brought me inland. All of the sudden a huge wave caught the board and I was flying high in the sky. Going in and out of the wave I decided to do a few tricks on the way in. Letting the wind from the water capture my ears I flew up into the air and did a double back flip.

The water from the wave splashed in my face as I safely landed on the surf board. The surf was faster now as I approached the beach. It was time for one more somersault before I reached land.

There were many people on the beach watching this site. When I got back to shore several people wanted to take pictures of me with the board. I posed for several and acquired a few treats before returning to Piper.

We returned to the beach house to watch the sun set. It had been a glorious day on the beach. The bright red and orange colors in the clouds were beautiful and fun to observe. I quickly took a few photographs before falling asleep. Tomorrow is a new day and more adventure awaits us on this summer vacation.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The Rusty Bell

mount locust slave cemetery trail april 27

There is an old bell

that sits on a path

reminder of old times

remnant of history’s wrath


The tree surrounding it

telling volume of  stories of old

a time when the people

were cruel and cold


History must never repeat

this story of old

when people were enslaved

by greed and gold


The rust on the bell

is a symbol now

to remind us all

to greed and gold never bow


We must treat people

with love anew

kindness, dignity, and respect

all people are due


God made us all

beautiful in every way

granting us the privilege

of  living a new day

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The Canyon View

DocFile (4)

The canyon so vast

filled with colors and hues

speaking to volumes of people

seeing high with a view


The vastness

speaks to our souls

the beauty abound

nourishes the young and the old


God created this great land

filled with volumes of joy

for us to explore

searching our souls to employ


The canyons are filled

with dreams so deep

renewing our souls

as we take memories to keep


We are renewed

as we observe this place

remembering these colors

are a symbol of grace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The Path


Trees and rocks line the path

with life filled anew

hopes and dreams

for those who aspire not to be blue


God leads us on a narrow path

with sights along the way

following Him can be hard

when things in life go astray


Trusting in God is important

our faith must be true

we will be triumphant following Him

even when feeling blue


The path is beautiful

kindness is the key

following God for life

is the path for you and me


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Telephone Party Lines

party line

A long time ago

the phones of the day

were party lines

many people along the way


Everyone knew what was going on

listening to people’s issues

tying up the phones

with many tears and tissues


Happiness and cheer

spread to all who would hear

community shared all

the party line was the ear


The community was like a family

in times good and bad

helping one another

whether happy or sad


Party lines are gone

people still helping today

kindness and communication

are still the order of the day


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Summer Beach Day


The beach lined coast

so tender and pure

beautiful sand and water

relaxation for sure


Summer vacation is here

visitors from far and near

come to visit the coast

with music in their ears


The sand and water

have sounds of their own

calming the soul

with waves that are overblown


The sun is shining

relaxation is the order of the day

reading a book

sleeping the afternoon away


The sun sets on the horizon

The day is done

Wonderful colors shining

Till the next mornings run


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Summer Music


ms gulf coast barrier island may 9

Summer is fun and tender

music fills their hearts

people are singing

joyful sounds like art


The beach is filled

with bands from around

people are dancing

to the music that surrounds


The sun is shining

the waves are calm

accompany the music

the swaying of the palms


God gave us music

to nurture the soul

calmness and serenity

help to achieve the goal


Summer is fun

filled with delight

restoring the soul

with God’s light


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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