Healed: Challenge – Triumphant – Thursday


Psalm 30:2 New International Version (NIV)

Lord my God, I called to you for help,
and you healed me.



Sitting high upon the perch

calling out to the Lord

the loss is great

I can’t sing a chord


Climbing higher

looking to the clouds

is my love lost

chirping really loud


The Lord spoke to me

 love is not lost

your mate is with me

I paid the cost


During this time of turmoil

begin singing again

do unto others

you will be reunited with your friend


Till that time

I have given you a task

spread kindness and love

do as I ask


Healed in that moment

the bird began to sing

tales of redemption

taking away death’s sting


Never again 

would there be such despair

God’s love healed him

the heart had been repaired


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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