The Ingenious Jester

An ingenious plan devised

much to the benefactor’s dismay

evil takes hold

on this stormy day

So foreign to him

mismatched words and desires

twisted intentions

a brilliant liar

The conniving jester gave

the spellbound people a good show

weaving a fascinating story

twisting the truths that they know

Chasing the illusion

the people never asked why

an emperor with no clothes

should convince them to die

In the midst of it all

intertwined in the light show

came a thunderous command

to let the people go

The land quaked

and the jester fell in the hole

the wind cleared the people’s minds

rain cleansed their souls

The night is over

the dawn of a new day

the people are wiser

no longer led astray

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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