Journey in Twilight

Immersed in the beautiful twilight

gauging the journey of my soul

interpreting the seismic events

as understanding began to unfold

When I was born

all things were new

alluring trinkets surrounded me

a limited view

In a few years trinkets

became insipid and trite

taking risks became common

the thrill of the night

In a valiant attempt

to reach the stars

I climbed a mountain

believing the moon was not far

Feigning disappointment

I began to look within

no longer reacting outside myself

the veil became quite thin

Finding an inner light

giving me strength and power

to travel the universe

in any hour

Excited at the possibilities

now seeing the world in a new light

soul travels into eternity

where all things are bright

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. One of my writing partners, who holds sway over me, once told me that Wallace Stevens surmised, each piece we write is part of one long piece of prose / poetry we write all our life, and in the end, it all ties in together… Wallace Stevens would be a big time fan of Piper Pierce.

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