A Natural Perspective

Filtering the world

through eyes of blue

absorbing all that is around me

suddenly everything is new

With a passion for nature

listening to the bird sing with pride

a haunting melody

expressing honour far and wide

Walking along the stream

never a boring site

drops of water foam along the rocks

sparkling in the sun light

Seeing the trees sway

dancing in the wind

moving in perfect rhythm

causing the leaves to spin

A deer appears

follows along in the walk

regal and calm

listening to me talk

Leaving nature

time to go about my day

spirit is rejoicing

grateful for time to play

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. I pay more attention to varmints in my yard, now I am staying in the shadows of a state park. When I was in the city, I paid the squirrels no mind, except for that one that came in through the bedroom window.

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