From Chaos to Calm

Toodle-oo yelled my obtuse friend

as I boarded the ship for a quest

reacting to a lack of understanding

it was only a jest

Getting off in a foreign port

then renting a boat

finding the right spot

anchoring so it would float

Easing into the water

equally excited and scared

I released the boat’s edge

and dived as deeply as I dared

Surrounded by fish

a dolphin came to say hello

coral reef filled with color

some of it glowed

So full of life

much like a tree

expanding with the seasons

marine life swimming free

Swimming around

looking for the right spot

I pulled out a locket

my heart in a knot

There had been chaos

in the sea

waves of turmoil in life

a death of someone close to me

Hoping to rectify

a promise that was broken

I tied the locket to the reef

then a brief prayer was spoken

The deed done

a weight lifted off my shoulders

a vow fulfilled

in the eyes of the beholder

Rising to the surface

a rainbow in the sky

crawling into the boat

a vow to reunite when I die

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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