Winter Day Flames

Lounging in front of the fire

attempting to fill the tedium of a winter day

observing the optics of the flames

admiring the manner which they sway

In a flurry

as having a life of its own

each flame expresses colors

magnifying under a dome

In the crackles of each flame

reflects the color blue

then comes yellow

finishing with an orange hue

Feeling relaxed

listening to the sounds

soft crackles escaping

not earthbound

Drifting with the smoke

my spirit rises

into a peaceful dream

over the horizon

A winter day

riding the wind

warm and cozy

creating peace within

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. To some people, building a fire is where it’s at,
    but for others, it affords opportunities to gaze.
    As for gathering wood, I am not really for that.
    I just want to stay warm and toasty, near the blaze.

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