Puzzle on a Winter Day

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Closing the door

on this cold winter day

putting down the puzzle

that I just bought to play

Wonderful puzzle

filled with a theme of spring

using my immanent imagination

to fill the house with bling

Rationing out the pieces

in spatial awareness of colors and shapes

hoping to make it easier

to put together the landscape

Hours pass

fully engaged in the game

carefully putting together each bird

then giving it a name

Observing the finished puzzle

wondering where it belongs in my home

carefully gluing it together

then spraying with protective foam

Hanging above the fireplace

causing my spirit to tingle

feeling warm and happy

a reminder of how seasons intermingle

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. All poets take shots at season poetry, with varying results. Your is outstanding, Debbie.
    I love the way you describe the process of assembly. I cannot piece together a puzzle in this manner. Colors confound me. It is hard to explain.

    • Thank you. All puzzles have different strategies in putting together. This works for me on the simple puzzles but not so much on those with irregular pieces and large numbers. Still there is a certain appeal in the attempt. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Ahh. … I love that way you put voice over with your poetry. I used to follow a fellow here in WP using VO. His site is gone.

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