Meeting an Angel Unaware

The boy cringed and

began to cry

having been duped

by a mischievous bunch of guys

Believing all is futile

in the pursuit of justice

he relinquished his belongings

thinking there are no heroes among us

As remarkable

as it may seem

a voice called out

let us redeem

Spread your arms out

and prepare to fly

courage is inside of you

no one can deny

Coming back to the scene

demanding his things

the thugs laughed loudly

as the boy spread his wings

A great light surrounded him

as his height increased

the thugs began to tremble

begging to be released

Picking up his belongings

the boy said a few words

the thugs ran in all directions

scattering like a herd

Returning to normal

now having a new inner light

the boy now protects others

shining ever so bright

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce